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A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers


Model: 2A3 Classic

Single Ended Triode Stereo Power Amplifier (MK1 / MK2)

(1990s - 2017)

This is our second generation 2A3 SET design, which replaces the original 2A3S, which officially debuted in 2002 (MK1), using hand-wire construction throughout. Although those days were a 300B era, we just loved the 2A3 more. And by any standard worldwide, this is what we call a good 2A3 design.  It took us a few years to fine tune the sound on this MK2 2A3SET, and now we really like how it is voiced. Furthermore, we are heating it with AC, and we are happy with the quiet result. Running DC (the path most designers take) is quieter on paper, but it just doesn't sound better than AC. The comparison is much like Analogue (AC) versus Digital (DC). And our 2A3SET is quieter than many SET amps out there heated with DC. (Pictures on lower row, are the original MK1, with the James output/choke transformers)

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Review by Rick Becker of

"We put the CD into forward, listened for a brief moment, looked at each other and simultaneously broke out into laughter. This is a seriously good amplifier in spite of its humble appearance. The top end is rolled off. The presentation is dark, being centered on the lower mid-range with a full, sumptuous bass. Attack is good, decay is long, mid-range focus is very good and the holographic music grabs your gut and pulls you right into the collective soul of the performers."


"These could be the 3.5 most important watts on the planet."

MSRP:$2,800 USD + Options

2018 Special Made 2A3S (Only one is built. On loan for review.)

A small footprint integrate with the 45 or 2A3? here is a design we can use.

For this design, the pre-amp section is totally separated, and with one 6SN7 to handle the input/gain stage, and another separated 6SN7 to be the driver for both channel - that's right. They don't have to be matched now - because the first 6SN7 is driving the second 6SN7, which is different than previously we use one 6SN7 to handle one channel and have to be matched. Or should we use 12AX7 (as a 6X buffer/pre-amp) and 6H30 (driver) combo? =)  As finding quiet 6SN7 is harder these days.

Further more, each 2A3is individually heated/fed/run on their own circuit board for their optimized performance and cooling. Totally separated to both the pre-amp section, and the power supply / rectify section, to minimize noise / cross-talk.

For the power supply section, its not just another straight forward design. It have our latest hybrid rectifier design, which uses both rectifier tube and diodes the same time to get the best out of both world. This enhance the consistency, reliability, and durability, also to minimum the start up rush. When the rectify tube gets old, this advance design also able to accurately and safely to provide the perfect amount of voltage to feed the circuitry, while still get the good sound out from the rectify tube. It combines the best of both world of sound, and functions. This design was first debut from our Finale's 829B Speciale Transmitter Tube's Power Amp.

Last but not least, there will be a volume knob on the left side of the front fascias in front of the preamp tubes.


  • Input Sens - 0.77V

  • 4.5W Nominal / Max 4.8W @ Ohms

  • Rectify tube choices : 5R4//5U4//5V4//5T4//5Z4//5Y3

  • One Input / One Vol Pot for purest signal transfer

  • Standard 8 Ohms (Optional additional 16)

  • Transformer choices : Triode Lab (Made in Canada) or Hashimoto (Sansui of Tokyo)

2A3i MK1


2A3i - Elegant $3999-6999 CAD / 2A3i - S $6999 USD / 2A3i - FFX $7999 USD+

  • Transformers used : Hammonds or US makes / James Corp / Hashimoto (Sansui)

  • Dimension: 23" Length x 12.5" Width

  • Weight: 30 lbs - 45 lbs, Plus Shipping Boxes and Materials

  • Power : 3.5W to 5W+ for Max-power. Depending brand and model of transformers used.

EL84TT Signature / EL84TT-S

$3,200 USD / $3,999 USD


EL84TT Original MK1

$2400 USD



Model: AU PRE Grande

(2010 - 2015)


  • Grande versions

  • The larger external size is perfect to match the look on larger amps, and the bigger interior size is also perfect for bigger sized exotic parts and caps. The heavier duty chassis made out of high quality aluminum make it further against resonance and vibrations

  • 3 Version/Flavor available (Standard Au Pre Grande, Grande du Triode, Au Pre FFX)

As shown above : new Porsche Pure Blue / Porsche Lime Green Metallic Finishes. Gallery above, finished in Porsche Burgandy Metallic

MSRP: $5,999 USD + Plus Options

Model: 2A3GT-FFX 15W+15W MK1

Complete with full suit of Hashimoto or Tamura  Output Transformerspowered by Triode Lab's 2A3-FFX M6 Power Transformer (For the extended power operation, Designed and engineered by Triode Lab, Made in Canada). Equivalent grade transformers only can be used requested by customers. Wood/granite sides Optional

Finish: 911 GT3 Orange (or your free choice of another colour)

Accessories - Furutech Carbon Fiber Speaker Binding Post or Cardas Binding Posts, Furutech Rhodium RCAs or Cardas Rhodium RCAs, Furutech AC Inlet Gold with Furutech Fuse, Mundorf Silver Oil Coupling Caps or EVO Silver/Gold/Oil Caps. Mundorf M-Lytic high-quality power supply capacitors and other high end parts...etc.

Special Features:

- FFX Limited Edition Power Amp/Developed complete with full suit of exotic Hashimoto transformers or equivalent high-end irons

- FFX Silent Ground Technology - Through optimal grounding network design and parts layout, along with best power supplies materials for the best hum and noise control and best S/N ratio.

- FFX V-max  Tunings - All FFX models are unleashed by us with all its special advantages such as its exotic grade parts and settings, which allow us to remapped the entire circuitry for its maximum "valves" output power and quality, both numbers and aural.  

- Tubes used : 6SN7 x 2 / 2A3 Pair / 5AR4 or GZ32 per block


Starting: $10,888 

Model: 2A3GT-S MK1/MK2

     Power: 14W+14W     Operation: Class A/B    MSRP: $6,888 USD - $8,888 USD (Choices of Hammonds / James / Tamura Transformers)

Model: 2A3GT-CC

Classic Compacts (This is the original 2A3PP Mono Blocks)    Power: Class A 10W


Special Features:

  • Triode Lab's unique Double Push Pull Driver Design (Only the “Original” and MK1s are Double PP Front End Design)

  • Autobias

  • Triode Lab's unique "Uni-Fy Rectify Stage"

  • Compact and Classic styled

  • Our answer of 30 years of excellence/experience in Triode!

  • Tubes used : 6SN7 x 2 / 2A3 Pair / 5AR4 or GZ32 per block

MSRP: $5,888 Starting + Options

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