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A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

2A3 Mini

So here is the small or mini version to our reference 2A3i. The Mini is constructed with the very powerful and quiet 12AX7, to yield a single stage pre-amp. We'd considered using both 5687 or 6H30 tubes, but both will require a 2-stage design (plus the availability of tubes is not as good as that of the 12AX7s), which wouldn't sound as direct nor realistic. Those who listen to the these 45/2A3 Triode tubes with little output power isn't worried about gain nor drive anyway, so to tube connoisseurs, the quality and refinement are far important.

Showing our prototype below, the power and choke transformers is handled by the Canadians (due to space, as well as, the availability of international voltage). Output transformers can be expressed by the very best Hashimoto. For parts, lots of Mundorf ECAPs and Coupling caps will be used. Tube sockets for the 12AX7 and the GZ32/5V4 are made by 3Q Japan. Alps Blue will be used, but those who wanted, like what's shown in the photos, it can be upgraded to DACT, and the pictured matching DACT polished stainless steel knob. For those who want to unleash its full potential with our matching pre-amps, we can turn this into a pure power amp, with a Triode Lab name plate over the volume control holes.

The sample built is a 45 with an exceptional 2W before distortion, in 2A3 application, we can easily get a solid 3.5W-5W before. And no, you cannot run the two tubes the same time, we make the finest 2A3 amp or we make the best 45 amp only. We do not make a half-quality circuit to run two tubes loosely together for convenience. The two tubes, which is totally different and required different optimization to maximize each tube's potential. (For example - out of many things, we run the 45 with 5K output transformer and 2A3 in 2.5-3.5K, it is totally different transformers! never-mind there are many other adjustments thru out the rest of the circuitry to make it finest AND reliable/durable to be a selling product they are made to last).

Don't forget to ask about the 2A3 Mini RS Parallel Mono Blocks with double the power!

Make to order only - 2A3/45 Mini Integrated is hand wired thru out, a circuit board is used to mount the triode tube socket, coupling cap and loading resistor only.


2A3 Mini with Triode Lab Canada Made Transformers $3,999 USD / 2A3 Mini with full Hashimoto Transformers $4,999 USD

No shipping / No tubes / No tube cage / Made to order / Plus any upgrades extra

Finish : Any Finale / Triode Lab Official Colours

Standard Parts:

  • Finale Pink-Lingu RCA Input (Finished in Rose Gold plating)
  • Triode Lab Stainless Steel Solid Knob - Handpolished / Hand made in Canada
  • Mundorf Germany Silver in Oil Coupling Caps
  • Alps Blue Japan Blue Velvet Volume Pot
  • Furutech Gold IEC AC Inlet
  • Premium plastic 5 way speaker binding posts (Up-gradable , but most brand name manufactures from Mac to Sim, they have proved this set of binding post will easily last over 30 years of durable use and are well insulated)

2A3i Reference Integrated Amplifier

A result of combining the preamp and 2A3 SET power amp


Custom paint-job : LEFT - Porsche Burgandy Metallic, MIDDLE - Porsche Pure Blue, RIGHT - Porsche Nordic Gold Metallic

"Going up in price, the Triode Labs 2A3i sounded superb, with resolution and richness fully returned to the upper mid-range compared to the solid-state amplifiers. It gave back texture to violins and allowed me to hear strings and sympathetic body resonances very clearly."

Frederic Beudot @

Tube Use:

  • 12AX7 X 2

  • 6SN7 X 2

  • 2A3 X 2

  • 5AR4/5AR4 or GZ32/5V4 X 1

Dimension/Weight and Power:

  • Dimension: 22" Length x 12.5" Width
  • Weight: 35 lbs - 45 lbs, Plus Shipping Boxes and Materials
  • Power : 3.5W to 5W+ for Max-power.
  • Note: Depending on the model and output transformers - Some have better inductance, some have more power, some for more definition/clarity or better treble/bass extensions. It all depends on the design of each transformer; and each brand and model of output transformers are different - that's why they have different models for just one tube usually. As they have different timing, bandwidth, measures, phase shift, distortion, presentations, and insert loss - so on each model, we have to fine tune and maximize use of them, rather it is the output transformer, the choke, or the power transformer, they all offer different optimal working parameters, and we are the expert to extract their potential at its best to the last bit. On the other hand, the less ideal/precise designs will tell you its 3.5W because they see the transformers as just part of the calculation (rather they will meet their original design goals on paper or not at the end). This is what makes us better than the best out there.

2A3i Elegant

  • Triode Lab / Finale Official Colours or 6,500 Other Colours : $350/Car Paints $500 (Lead time required)
  • Triode Lab P10 OPT (8/16 Ohms)
  • Hammond Canada Choke Transformer
  • Hammond Power Transformer for 2A3 Application (World voltage)
  • Nichicon and Mundorf Coupling Caps
  • JJ Tesla E-Cap
  • CMC Usa Gold RCAs
  • High quality gold binding posts with clear plastic insulator
  • MSRP $3,999 USD - 6,999 USD Depends Options
  • Pricing does NOT include 3" Foam Vault/Triple Layer Carton Box/Optional Wood-crate Shipping Arrangement. 50 lbs+

"Moving on to the 2A3i, the design philosophy is typical Triode Lab. It had to be ultra quiet, dynamic and offer tight bass as three characteristics one rarely associates with single-ended triodes of low power. Over the years and after dozens of different SET amps either owned or assessed in various systems, I can point at the Audio Note Ongaku and Tron Telstar which hit all those marks. A few more came close, including Samuel Furon's own 300B integrated and the Art Audio Carissa SE but both fell short to various degrees on bass control. Without making the unrealistic claim that the Triode Labs 2A3i is the equal of an Ongaku or Telstar, I will say that within its very strict power limitations, this integrated gave me the same goose bumps as when I heard the mighty Ongaku for the first time. It thus joins a very rarefied personal peer group comprising a few select amplifiers by Gryphon, Vitus, Kondo and Tron. "


  • FFX Treatments / FFX Advanced Grounding Design
  • Finished in Triode Lab's Orange or 6,500 Other Colours : $350 / Car Paints $500 (Lead time required)
  • Hashimoto Output Transformers (3 Choices+, photo shown is the upgraded 20W potted OPT)
  • Hashimoto Choke
  • Hashimoto or Triode Lab 2A3-FFX M6 Power Transformer
  • Mundorf Silver in Oil Caps x 2 or preferred coupling caps
  • Mundorf or JJ Tesla E-Cap
  • Furutech Gold IEC
  • Cardas or Finale's Pink-Lingu Rose-Gold Plated RCA
  • Cardas or CMC USA Binding Posts
  • 3Q Japan Rectify Tube Socket
  • Alps Japan Blue Volume Pot
  • Lorlin UK Selector
  • Triode Lab Stainless Steel Solid Knobs (Polished) - for 2018+
  • And more…
  • MSRP $7,999 USD + no tubes included.
  • Limited. Made to Orders Only. Lead time required.Pure copper chassis available.
  • Pricing NOT INCLUDING 3" Foam Vault / Triple Layer Cartoon Box / Optional Wood-crate Shipping Arrangement. 50 lbs+


2A3i-S (Discontinued 2017), Shown above (Orange)

  • Triode Lab Standard Colours, or optional custom paint $500.
  • TRIODE LAB .38 Output Transformers (Specific designed for 2A3/300B Triode Tubes), a product we co-engineer with James. It has all our wisdom from designing triode tube amps as well the engineering excellence of transformers by James. Rated 20W, 90ma, 0-4-8-16
  • James Choke Transformer or your choice of Hammond
  • James Power Transformer or your choice of Hammond
  • James Transformers available in Black or Champagne colours
  • Furutech Gold IEC
  • Mundorf E-Cap
  • Mundorf ZN Coupling Caps
  • Mundorf EVO Oil Caps x 4
  • Alps Blue Japan Vol Pot
  • CMC Usa Binding Posts
  • Lorlin UK / Connex Grade Selector Switch
  • MSRP $6,999 USD w/o tubes

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