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A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers



Year 2020+

New model designation - EVO.

Its not a new generation or a new design. It is the same best of the best design from us , but even more sharpened. Because after all these years , we no longer required to leave space and arrangement for using different parts , bits , and transformers (very limited choice today, compared to 10-30 years ago at the peak bloom of HIFI industry). And after decades of making the best HIFI tube amplifiers in the world. We know what are the best choices (proven reliability and sound wise), and now our EVO designs can be simplified and go straight to the best setup / heart with what we only sees and uses today. For example, now there is only two brand of transformers left we will be using (Some of the best HIFI parts manufactures already left, such as Tamura , Tango , James , JBL , and now Fostex. We can foresee more going.) , and one brand of caps to use, then we don’t need to spare out so much extra accommodation to make the chassis more tight fit and smaller. So when you see an amplifier with a EVO designations - it probably to be the the end game.

Prices further increase - making high end tube amps became more exclusive and expensive than ever (no matter where it is made). So are the supply and offering of tube amplifier related parts , tubes and transformers. Also metals - the chassis / parts are made with. Almost everything that was mentioned in my previous sentences raised their prices more than double compare to ten years ago around 2009-2010, which already took a big price jump compared to pre Y2K. Therefore , we can almost foresee most of the remaining tube amp manufactures will either quit , or raises their prices to unobtainable price tag - normally a company require 4-10X of markup to survive (Then our cheapest integrated amp will be starting at $8K). Good news is , we will not be affected , as we kept our shop / production small and niche , and our reasonable priced 'haute-couture' of amplifiers keep bring us stable businesses, even Toronto became one of the most expensive city to live and do business. We can also foresee the record high uses of HASHIMOTO Transformers of Tokyo, from Japan , which make sense to those who can fetch the money , they want the best and keep it forever. It also became a investment, and a future classics.


We are working on the new 2A3/45-i Integrated Amplifier (COMPLETED)

  • Shorter in footprint - 18" roughly long only, 13.5" wide

  • HASHIMOTO Transformers full suit (Sales stat told us in last few years, people just want the best these days)

  • Three choices of output transformers - 7W Potted / 20W Classic / 20W Potted. All have different characteristic and sound. Like different setting of transmission/LSD on race cars, with the same car same chassis same engine, the car will behave greatly.

  • New chassis design (top plate over chassis) will able to have each top plate finished to the colour customer wanted.

  • Full brand name parts and bits, the best only now. There is no option other than having your amp made in low gain mode. (for 100 db + speakers)

  • Good news is we do not have to raise the MSRP.


  • Finally, the 211S is in the make

  • 13.5" Wide x 19" Long Chassis / Any colours or finish for its top plate

  • HASHIMOTO Transformers (Proprietary OEM for our 211)

  • 2-3 Preamp Tubes

  • Dual Chokes

  • Class A 12W

  • MSRP : $30,000 CAD


Let us present Finale's Pink-Lingu RCA Connectors (Rose Gold Plated)

Since we have issues with a a brand name RCA connector we been using for decades and we cannot find substitute for both quality and value. We decided to make our own. It will be used and voice our products with it here and after. It has passed our tests from its conduit behavior to melt/function point. The plating is high quality rose-gold finish and the center insulation is real Teflon that is heat resisting. We just like this shinny colour so much that changes from pink-gold to copper depending your light source.


Thanks to Arteluthe Design, we also make our own knobs now. Made out of stainless steel, its elegant, precise and solid. Easily the best in the market. Hand polished and made right here in Canada (Quebec). Not just the aesthetic, the touching feel and weight of it is brilliant. We will use it across our brands.



Happy New Year!

We are slowly expanding our business and our product line up.

The 2017 will be an interesting year and we will focus on manufacturing with Canadian parts and transformers more than ever, as well, the integration of ideas and schemes related to Canada.

Changes for our current line up - unfortunately, all of the models that are built upon with James Transformers will no longer be offered due to the halted production.

The good news is that since the CAD dollar is 30% lower to US/EURO, it's your best time to purchase an authentic high-quality tube amplifier from us! (Most designs manufactured with Canadian transformers are priced in CAD)

Here, we hope our world is more peaceful and filled with more music and love.


There has been an engineering order/note issued from our chief, the following will be apply immediately without notice:

  • FINALE or CMC RCA Connectors / CMC Gold Binding Post connectors will be USED across the entire line, due to its excellence in quality, reliability and consistency. We have been having quality issues with another C brand we been using a long time, until we see the quality is coming back.

  • Transformers : Due to the shortage of HiFi transformers supplies, HAMMONDS of CANADA and HASHIMOTO (Sansui) of JAPAN will be our main two HiFi transformers supplier. We will also continue to work with a few other top North American manufactures in our custom designs, such as Heyboer (Mercury) of USA, Edcor of USA, and ANK of Canada.

One thing we know for sure is that success never stops to admire itself. We’ve been super-busy working on new projects and we have a few that we’re ready to disclose. No matter what happens, we know this year will be an exciting one for us and for you!


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