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Haute couture is high-end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers—often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.”

The haute couture series are for the well experienced individuals who is seeking for their ultimate dream machine , that is a instant legend and a future collectible classic. Much like the Porsche 917 / 935, Ferrari F40 LM / 250GTO , and Mercedes GTR-DTM / 300SL …etc.

2A3-FF mono-block amplifiers

Keeping in mind the naming conventions of naval warships, the FF mono-blocks will feature premium components and transformers, and four (!) 2A3 tubes per channel — generating 30 watts (push-pull) or 20 watts (pure triode - aka below 2A3QE). Just like a pair of battleships in your listening space, the FF mono-blocks will not be subtle creatures. Be sure you have ample space! A wood frame that is routed from a solid piece wood that mimics a ship will be housing the amp.

2A3-FF pre-amplifier

Can you tell we’re excited about the 2A3 tube? We are beginning to imagine a pre-amplifier built around the 2A3, with output transformers of exotic-grade nickel. We imagine a 12AX7 in the middle of the front-end driving a single 2A3 per channel. Ideas are running to a high-end tube power supply, with oversized power transformer for quiet operation and seamless delivery. Due to the similarity in layouts, upon inspection it would be easy to mistaken this pre-amplifier for a power amp!

 The 2A3 pre-amplifier would be designed as a cost-no-object statement, with either TKD volume control, or Danish Audio Connect (DACT) stepped attenuators and selectors; Mundorf power supply and coupling capacitors, and a pure copper top plate. Colours will be user-selectable, with paints from leading German automobile manufacturers, brushed and clear-coated.

 We are also considering an on-board headphone amplifier, available at the flick of a switch. (The 2A3 is beautifully suited to driving headphones.)

2A3QE-FF / 45QE-FF mono-block amplifiers

Since 2015, we have debut the Small block with one 2A3/45, and the Medium block with two.

Further down the road, Triode Lab will produce the 2A3/45 Quattro Single Ended, a high-powered 2A3 design with 16–20 watts per side (45 tube will have half the power), double-rectified by a pair of 5AR4/GZ32 tubes. The Quattro will be driven by a single 12AX7 in the most accurate and efficient circuit (because fewer driver tubes means less noise / phase shift! Aka closer to original recordings and sound more realistic!), and will feature our custom-made in-house high-end output transformers for the duty. Everything to be made in Canada, unless our partner Hashimoto is willing to help.

TRIODEISM - 3 Way Reference Horn Speakers

  • Wood horns for mid + high (hand made in Canada)

  • European drivers (either Spain or from Italy)

  • 15" Woofer

  • Fostex Exotic Supertweeter

  • Exotic veneer

  • Furutech Carbon Fibre Binding Posts X DH Labs Silver coat Wires

  • USA/CAN passive parts

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