Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

LATEST Available colours/finish on some of our models:

1. British Racing Green Metallic (Sample) A classic and legendary colour for the motor enthusiast

2. Copper Metallic (Sample) A light copper finish with a warm glow and sparkles under lighting (which is hard to be seen in photo)

3. Dark Mocha Brown Metallic (Sample) A modern and tasteful brown with light sparkles, so much like coffee beans

4. Satin Black (Sample) A subtle black with a satin and smooth finish

5. Orange (Sample) A new popular colour over black, this is a pure orange, which is almost exact to the one used by Porsche

6. Volvo Racing Polestar Green/Blue (more like Aqua / Turquoise depending on lighting) A very cool / sporty colour that keeps changing depending lighting, that constantly makes your amp stand out in your hifi chamber

7. Hammer tone Silver-Gray (Sample) A very durable / high scratch resistant finish that gives a nostalgia feeling like vintage hifi

8. Maroon Red (Sample) A darker/more solid red to the burgundy / wine red. Its a non metallic colour.

9. Classic Dark Gray Gloss (Sample) A colour similar to Audi / Toyota Classic Gray with gloss finish (Handle by gloves recommended), also similar to vintage Kenwood/Trio/Philips Glossy Gray

10. 6,500 Other Colours (PowderCoating) : $500 CAD each chassis ($800 CAD Pair) / Car Paints $800 CAD each chassis ($1,500 pair)

Of course we could make it in pure copper as well!

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