Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers




Let us present Finale's Pink-Lingu RCA Connectors (Rose Gold Plated)

Since we have issues with a a brand name RCA connector we been using for decades and we cannot find substitute for both quality and value. We decided to make our own. It will be used and voice our products with it here and after. It has passed our tests from its conduit behavior to melt/function point. The plating is high quality rose-gold finish and the center insulation is real Teflon that is heat resisting. We just like this shinny colour so much that changes from pink-gold to copper depending your light source.


Thanks to Arteluthe Design, we also make our own knobs now. Made out of stainless steel, its elegant, precise and solid. Easily the best in the market. Hand polished and made right here in Canada (Quebec). Not just the aesthetic, the touching feel and weight of it is brilliant. We will use it across our brands.



Happy New Year!

We are slowly expanding our business and our product line up.

The 2017 will be an interesting year and we will focus on manufacturing with Canadian parts and transformers more than ever, as well, the integration of ideas and schemes related to Canada.

Changes for our current line up - unfortunately, all of the models that are built upon with James Transformers will no longer be offered due to the halted production.

The good news is that since the CAD dollar is 30% lower to US/EURO, it's your best time to purchase an authentic high-quality tube amplifier from us! (Most designs manufactured with Canadian transformers are priced in CAD)

Here, we hope our world is more peaceful and filled with more music and love.


There has been an engineering order/note issued from our chief, the following will be apply immediately without notice:

  • CMC Gold RCA/Binding Post connectors will be used across the entire line, due to its excellence in quality, reliability and consistency. We have been having quality issues with another brand we been using a long time, until we see the quality is coming back. The uber RCA connector choice we use now is the DH Labs USA or Furutech Japan.
  • Transformers : Due to the shortage of HiFi transformers supplies, HAMMONDS of CANADA and HASHIMOTO (Sansui) of JAPAN will be our main two HiFi transformers supplier. We will also continue to work with a few other top North American manufactures in our custom designs, such as Heyboer (Mercury) of USA, Edcor of USA, and ANK of Canada.

One thing we know for sure is that success never stops to admire itself. We’ve been super-busy working on new projects and we have a few that we’re ready to disclose. No matter what happens, we know this year will be an exciting one for us and for you!


LATEST Available colours/finish on some of our models:

1. British Racing Green Metallic (Sample) A classic and legendary colour for the motor enthusiast
2. Copper Metallic (Sample) A light copper finish with a warm glow and sparkles under lighting (which is hard to be seen in photo)
3. Dark Mocha Brown Metallic (Sample) A modern and tasteful brown with light sparkles, so much like coffee beans
4. Satin Black (Sample) A subtle black with a satin and smooth finish
5. Orange (Sample) A new popular colour over black, this is a pure orange, which is almost exact to the one used by Porsche
6. Volvo Racing Polestar Green/Blue (more like Aqua / Turquoise depending on lighting) A very cool / sporty colour that keeps changing depending lighting, that constantly makes your amp stand out in your hifi chamber
7. Hammer tone Silver-Gray (Sample) A very durable / high scratch resistant finish that gives a nostalgia feeling like vintage hifi
8. Maroon Red (Sample) A darker/more solid red to the burgundy / wine red. Its a non metallic colour.
9. Classic Dark Gray Gloss (Sample) A colour similar to Audi / Toyota Classic Gray with gloss finish (Handle by gloves recommended), also similar to vintage Kenwood/Trio/Philips Glossy Gray

Next-Gen 2A3 Stereo :

MK2.5 or as the MK-III? .

With James transformers (now just announced closed 2017 - so most likely only a sole model 2A3 Stereo will be appeared with our in house 'designed/manufactured in Canada' transformers, as the MK3 will be sold - further details EBA)  enlarged the size of their transformers, the big power supply ECAP no longer available have the space (TUV and possible other electrical safety standards do not allow caps being exposed on the outside). That means we have to put it on to the PCB too. While we undergo the surgery and now we know the exact parts (the physical size of the parts what we really mean) we will be using, we just made it slightly better, more efficient, more refined here and there... despite circuitry/sound remain the same. Here are the changes / improvement:

1. Whole pre-amp/driver section redesigned - better locations (from input to exit) /channeling (flow one way instead going point C then come back to point A...etc)/rearranged parts to shorten distance to max (that's mean minimized path and lowest possible interference)

2. Better isolation between pre-amp stage TO power output stage to minimize cross-talk / interference / heat transfer...etc.

3. Better/reworked/beefed up grounding everywhere applied - Pre-amp stage, Power Output stage, Power Supply stage (we just know where to ground best to improve the quality of sound)

4. Power output section redesigned as well : better relocations, more venting, more spacing, better every way...

5. Redesigned better power supply stage - multi-caps approach, centralized power supply section (now Choke and Caps into one little section versus previous wired into different locations), rectifier tube socket now can uses the teflon CMC, we also added an extra fuse for further protection in case of inserting the 2A3 with wrong pins to minimize possible damage. (Happens quite often when we have a drink in our hand and the light was dim)

While we already mastered the design and made this the best sounding 2A3 SET amp around, we hate to call it another generation.

Some basic history - the MK1 was only sold handwired thru-out, the MK2 is the same but put on PCB as we expanded our production and safer shipping.

With these minor revises, should we apply it as the MK2.5? although the circuitry is the same and sound is probably the same, but we almost redesigned the whole thing, so should be call it a MKIII? or kind of too early? or it doesn't make sense at all since we already mastered the circuit and sound on the MK1/2. For sure if we are going to do this as the MK3, full suit of James will not be used this time.


A small footprint integrate with the 45 or 2A3? here is a design we can use.

For this design, the pre-amp section is totally separated, and with one 6SN7 to handle the input/gain stage, and another separated 6SN7 to be the driver for both channel - that's right. They don't have to be matched now - because the first 6SN7 is driving the second 6SN7, which is different than previously we use one 6SN7 to handle one channel and have to be matched. Or should we use 12AX7 (as a 6X buffer/pre-amp) and 6H30 (driver) combo? =)  As finding quiet 6SN7 is harder these days.

Further more, each 2A3is individually heated/fed/run on their own circuit board for their optimized performance and cooling. Totally separated to both the pre-amp section, and the power supply / rectify section, to minimize noise / cross-talk.

For the power supply section, its not just another straight forward design. It have our latest hybrid rectifier design, which uses both rectifier tube and diodes the same time to get the best out of both world. This enhance the consistency, reliability, and durability, also to minimum the start up rush. When the rectify tube gets old, this advance design also able to accurately and safely to provide the perfect amount of voltage to feed the circuitry, while still get the good sound out from the rectify tube. It combines the best of both world of sound, and functions. This design was first debut from our Finale's 829B Speciale Transmitter Tube's Power Amp.

Last but not least, there will be a volume knob on the left side of the front fascias in front of the preamp tubes.


  • Input Sens - 0.77V
  • 4.5W Nominal / Max 4.8W @ Ohms
  • Rectify tube choices : 5R4//5U4//5V4//5T4//5Z4//5Y3
  • One Input / One Vol Pot for purest signal transfer
  • Standard 8 Ohms (Optional additional 16)
  • Transformer choices : Triode Lab (Made in Canada) or Hashimoto (Sansui of Tokyo)
  • Finish - unknown yet
  • Tube cage - YES.


Mono-Blocks: THE BIG BLOCK: (Waiting for the lucky owner)

Since 2015, we have debut the Small block with one 2A3/45, and the Medium block with two. Further down the road, Triode Lab will produce the 2A3 Quattro, a high-powered 2A3 design with 16–20 watts per side, double-rectified by a pair of 5AR4/GZ32 tubes. The Quattro will be driven by a single 12AX7 in the most accurate and efficient circuit (because fewer driver tubes means less noise / phase shift! Aka closer to original recordings and sound more realistic!), and will feature our custom-made in-house high-end output transformers for the duty. Everything to be made in Canada, unless our partner Hashimoto is willing to help.


3 Way Horns - our first and flagship speakers?

  • Wood horns for mid + high (hand made in Canada)
  • European drivers (either Spain or from Italy)
  • 15" Woofer
  • Exotic veneer
  • Furutech Carbon Fibre Binding Posts X DH Labs Silver coat Wires
  • USA/CAN passive parts


2A3-FF mono-block amplifiers

Keeping in mind the naming conventions of naval warships, the FF mono-blocks will feature premium components and transformers, and four (!) 2A3 tubes per channel — generating 30 watts (push-pull) or 20 watts (pure triode). Just like a pair of battleships in your listening space, the FF mono-blocks will not be subtle creatures. Be sure you have ample space!

2A3-FF pre-amplifier

Can you tell we’re excited about the 2A3 tube? We are beginning to imagine a pre-amplifier built around the 2A3, with output transformers of exotic-grade nickel. We imagine a 12AX7 in the middle of the front-end driving a single 2A3 per channel. Ideas are running to a high-end tube power supply, with oversized power transformer for quiet operation and seamless delivery. Due to the similarity in layouts, upon inspection it would be easy to mistaken this pre-amplifier for a power amp!


The 2A3 pre-amplifier would be designed as a cost-no-object statement, with either TKD volume control, or Danish Audio Connect (DACT) stepped attenuators and selectors; Mundorf power supply and coupling capacitors, and a pure copper top plate. Colours will be user-selectable, with paints from leading German automobile manufacturers, brushed and clear-coated.


We are also considering an on-board headphone amplifier, available at the flick of a switch. (The 2A3 is beautifully suited to driving headphones.)


Au Pre EVO 2020

  • Another version of the Au Pre, maintains the compact chassis styling of the the Au Pre Original, but offers these upgrades:

    ·         James power transformer

    ·         Simplified one-piece circuit board, offering higher efficiency, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and lower distortion

    ·         Quieter phono stage with greater bloom and lower noise floor

  • Sits between Au Pre (Original) and Au Pre Mini

  • 6X Gain, like the original AU PRE - its with the blood of triodeism.

HOMAGE-30 MC Phono Stage(Debut soon)

  • Solid state design - although we are the tube experts, but there are more advantages with solid state than tubes for the most quiet operation in this case, and few tubes qualify to the level we wish to shoot for - but they are rarely available as they are non common audio tubes.
  • External power supply, with Canadian power transformer with world wide voltage.
  • Tailor to your cartridge (And if you ever getting a new cart, just send the unit back to us to redial the perfect settings as well a complimentary check up, included to the original up to 2 times)
  • Compact size , roughly 7" long x 3" tall and 4" wide, for the pair.
  • We mastered turntables more than 30 years ago, many phono amp designs are made ever since (both for our own enjoyment and OEM), and back then we were fever enough fly all the way to Japan to beg old Mr.K-san for our own cartridge. Here, with the HOMAGE-30 MC Phono Stage, you are getting our finest design and philosophy accumulated in all these years. And this is our favourite MC design from 30 years ago and it just come back to life!
  • This MC amp will be team up best with our Triode Lab's and Finale's pre-amplifiers onboard phono stage or other high quality phono stage - this is the foundation, and it has to be the best!
  • MSRP $ 4,999 CAD

Debut soon!

LONG LIVE TRIODE LAB! - 2020 Forecast!


1. We've already scratched our heads on the early stage R&D in a new 2A3PP driver design base on the super 6H30 driver version (aided by another 12AX7).

This could be an RS version to the current existing MK2, or could be the MKIII due in 2020! Size, for sure will be shorter for easier placement.

How about a larger pair of limited edition 4 x 2A3 PP with over 30W? This will be 3x heavier, near half longer and wider. Best transformers will be applied, on a full pair of expensive copper chassis. 


2. And watch out for the SET RS (12AX7) Stereo and RS-R (6H30) mono blocks 2A3 Power Amps! some real exotic 2A3 creatures, made with copper chassis, huge potted transformers. (The new Mini chassis can't fit these large potted transformers.


3. But by then, we might focus more on the 211 tubes, and myself, I would really like to see a pair of EL84 (4 PCS / Channel) PP Mono-Blocks in half of the size to the 2A3GT Mono-Blocks, and half of the MSRP to the 2A3GT too. How cool is that. The EL84 can be done in SE fashion too with 16-20W of pretty solid power, much like the big transmitter tubes.


4. By then, Triode Lab should have its own line of loudspeakers for triode and low powered amplifiers. MADE IN CANADA.


5. Cooperation with some crossover products with other source manufactures?

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