Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers


Welcome to TRIODE LAB,

NEWS : Starting 2017, Triode Lab Ltd, will continue to build and sell our authentic high quality tube amplifiers thru direct-sales model. We will not do any cost saving like most others forced to do or send our production outside Canada and letting third parties to manufacture it, because simply if you want the best tube amplifier - it cannot be made like "another" consumer electronic product, which put more emphasis on the looks and packaging or with its limiting production budget, and made by people without passion or knowledge to it. The good news is, now our customer are able to buy our product directly in "Dealer pricing", and we are able continues to use high end transformers, customized quality parts/bits and even pick the colours/finish you want. All made by our own hands in-house, here in Canada, and each amplifier is made with pride and soul, by the best tube experts remain on this planet. Email us for "Dealer pricing"!

Home to the world’s finest custom tube amplifiers. Unlike larger manufacturers, our goals are simultaneously more humble and more ambitious. We are not concerned with generating the most. Instead, we are focused on designing and producing the BEST.


Every Triode Lab amplifier is an example of our commitment to the following goals:

  • To produce the finest individual, customized tube amplification devices for serious lovers of music, art, and handcraft.

  • To design robust and beautiful musical platforms that are not only state-of-the-art, but are also pieces of art themselves.

  • To enable our customers to own unique items that are destined to be future classics.

In a word, our mission is to present the Finalé of tube amplifier design — the ultimate combination of science, art, and craft united in the service of music. All our amplifiers come with 3 years of warranty with proper use, except the tubes. Our amps are all MADE TO ORDER, unlike our sister company Finalé Audio, for our tried and true, standardized offerings!


It was Science. Now it's Art.



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