Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

Model : 6V6-FFX


In early 2000s, we made the EL84TT and it beats many so called “high end” triode systems. It easily is the benchmark and reference of all EL84 tube amps. So now, we want to make the best 6V6 integrated amplifier, true reference grade. With complete set of high end Hashimoto (Sansui) transformers from Japan. The heart (circuit) of the design is based on one 12AX7, and one pair of 6SN7 to drive the 6V6s. Its one of our favourite design (both sound and performance), which has a unique tone why we love to listen to the 6V6. This same design was really the same one our chief engineer used to pass his exam in college, which of course he earned a 100% score, 40 years ago. Today, along with the best HIFI transformers, with our traditional tube amps knowledge, and sound tunings - we present the new 6V6 FFX.


Quick facts:

  • HASHIMOTO Japan Flagship Grade 40W-10K Output Transformers

  • HASHIMOTO Japan Choke / Power Transformer

  • FURUTECH Japan Carbon Fibre Binding Posts 0-8 Ohms (4/16 Ohms Extra)

  • FURUTECH Japan Rhodium AC Inlet

  • FINALE Canada “Pink-Lingu” Rose-Gold Plated RCA Jacks

  • DACT Germany Selector Switch

  • ALPS Japan Blue Velvet Vol Pot

  • MUNDORF Germany Silver in Oil Coupling Caps

  • 4+4W Class A Auto-Bias (Optional 8-10W In Ultra Linear Mode)

  • MSRP : $5,500 USD + Shipping

Model : EL84TT MKII (2017+)

The EL84TT is an authentic, high-end integrated tube amplifier operating in Class A Push Pull Triode -- a pocket-sized reference unit, that's not afraid to challenge high-end triode pre/power tube amps combo. It features our S.E.A Driver Design that sounds like a SET kind of amplifier, but with the control and bass of a conventional push pull amplifier.

It is used by tube connoisseurs and sound professionals as a point of reference and comparison.

EL84TT-2 --- 2A3S-MK3 --- 2A3S-FFX

EL84TT-2 --- 2A3S-MK3 --- 2A3S-FFX

2017 MSRP : $3,500 CAD / US / EURO

What's new for 2017+

  • Triode Lab's Matte White (Standard Finish)

  • Triode Lab's / Finale's Official Colours : Go to NEWS Page $ 150 Extra. 6,500 Other Colours : $350 / Car Paints $500 (Lead time required)

  • Standard CMC Gold RCA Single Set Input(Like our original prototype 8 years ago, one input for purest signal and sound connection)

  • Standard 8 Ohms Speakers Output- Optional 4/8 or 8/16 Ohm Flipper Switch (Free)

  • Standard Alps Japan Blue Vol Control

  • Standard Furutech Gold IEC AC Inlet

  • Standard Mundorf Silver in Oil Coupling Caps

  • Standard QQQ Japan HiFi Grade Rectify Tube Socket

  • Standard Tube Cage

  • Proudly made in Canada, like the first EL84TT!

MK2 : On our latest offering, we transform the original award-winning design to a mature and even better state, thanks to our R&D team and their ongoing effort to refine the sound and better hard-wares. After almost a decade of usage of the perfect transformers and parts, we are able to evolve it above the already best statues. Here are the further improvements over the "original" circuitry wise. On the hardware and sound tuning list above, it already scored the best sound/cost ratio.

  1. An advanced regulating stage for power supply - heavily inflated our cost, but that's the only way to beat our previous dark quiet background and our infamous quiet operations, it also enhance the life of tubes expectancy

  2. Improved power supply design and grounding network throughout the circuitry, seeing more ECAPS than previously? They are there for reasons! And they are all high grade, high temperature, high rating Japanese quality ECAPS

  3. Better gain and boost than previously - more speakers will be easier driven and going louder

  4. Like our original EL84TT prototype, there is only one set of input for the purest signal transfer - it goes directly to volume/pre-amp stage. The original idea of the EL84TT is to pursuit the best possible sound, instead of to fulfill the convenience of lazy audiophiles

  5. Since we have used and know every piece of parts we will be using on the circuit, all the useless spots and parts will be obsoleted for cleanest channeling and lower the possibility in picking up noise.

  6. New layout allows made as being integrated design, or a pure power amp (with less gain)

  7. Reconfigured from standard Class A PP-Triode Mode to PP-Ultra Linear Mode for doubling the power to 10W Class A (Triode mode will be an option for triode sound die-hard fans - specific when ordering)

  8. Further transformers upgrades are possible, even upgrade the spec to a 7189 tube amp with even more power!


6Moons by Frederic Beudot

"a very balanced amplifier with a detailed transparent mid-range that never shouted, with a rich weighty bass, a lively non-flashy treble without any kind of aggression and above all a dynamic and saturated sound that spoke to the heart perhaps a little more than the brain which is how I ultimately like my music spiced." by Rick Becker

 "A very linear unit with impressive focus plus deep and defined soundscape."


EL84TT2 vs EL84-FFX vs EL84-TTS

Rare sight of different EL84 amps sitting together...

Model: EL84TT - FFX

A true amp for the EL84/6BQ5/7189 fanatics!

Available to configure in Class A Push Pull Triode 7W, Pentode or Ultra Linear 15W+ Class A/B

Standard Part List : 15W Rated Hashimoto Potted Type Output Transformers (or the 30W Classic Sansui OPT made by Hashimoto), Cardas Binding Posts / RCA, Mundorf Silver in Oil, Furutech Rhodium IEC, High quality input wires, Soundcoats, QQQ Japan rectifier tube socket...etc

These are the finest wattage thanks to Hashimoto. They have the fewest power losses, the most quiet condition and ideal measurements in everything (these were measured better than almost over 100 db for the S/N ratio - which is VERY quiet), which makes a 15W"amp" drive like a 30W. Don't let the numbers fool you. The best tube amp will easily outpower your average quality tube amps so you can drive more different speakers PLUS, you always hear more. This is why most experienced tube-philes would only spend time with a tube amp mounted with decent transformers, because they know they are listening to everything out from their records/source.


Special Features:

  • FFX Limited Edition Power Amp/Developed complete with full suit of exotic Hashimoto transformers   

  • FFX Silent Ground Technology - Optimal grounding network design and parts layout, along with best power supplies materials for the best hum and noise control and best S/N ratio. And yes, it measured quieter than any power transformer we have used for EL84/6BQ5 type tubes, salute to Hashitmoto!

  • FFX V-max Tunings - All FFX models are unleashed by us, with all its special advantage with its exotic grade parts and settings, which allow us to remap the entire circuitry for its maximum "Valves" output power and quality, both numbers and aural.  

  • This is one of the quietest amp we have come across!  The power (read VERY conservative) and the quality is exceptional for its price, this is built for our loyal customers who have seen the potential of our EL84TT. Finished in Porsche Riveria Blue (or your preferred colour). All parts and materials tailored to customer.

 $5,999 USD + Options

Limited. Made to Orders Only. Lead time required. Pure copper chassis available.



By using 7189a / EL84M tubes ONLY, with all newly-redesigned circuitry for this higher power output tube, which focuson strengthened/enhanced front-end design (an autobalance design is also used over trim pot), as well, an upgraded power supply handles the extra wattage output AND operating voltage. The FFX-R enables to yield a solid 20W Audobias in Pentode Class A/B or 8W in Triode Class A.

The FFX-R have the Hashimoto Output Transformers upgraded to 25W Potted or 30W Classic Type Sansui Output Transformers by Hashimoto (the one used on the EL84-TTS), also a bigger power transformer is used, as the operating point shifted up from under 280V to 300-330V. An extra pair of oil caps is needed at the front end, along with a few pairs of extra E-caps, which are crucial to the other 4 Silver in Oil coupling caps to make up this perfect topology - nothing less, to finish off as the best of its type around the world. And for those who really love this tube so much, ask us about the EL84-FFX RS that puts out a solid 27W+27W, with fixed bias, complete with our Canadian in-house transformers.

$6,999 USD + Options

Limited. Made to Orders Only. Lead time required.Pure copper chassis available.


EL84TT SIGNATURE ($3,200 USD) / EL84TT-S ($3,999 USD)

EL84TT Original MK1 $2400 USD (2009-2017)


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