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A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

2A3 Push Pull Mono-Blocks

Where D.H.T. combines the beauty of power.

2019 : Our original 2A3GT Push Pull monos are pushing 10 years old, and aging more gracefully than we had ever imagined. However, we haven’t been sitting around sipping espresso lattés and admiring our handiwork this past decade! Instead we’ve been rethinking everything, as usual. How do we improve a design that already ranks among the best (Glad you asked)? Anyway, for the whole new Second Generation:

·         Introduction of the 6SL7 driver tube, addressing customer requests for a more accessible / quieter tube than the good old 6SN7.

·         A new and improved Double Push-Pull driver stage that can adapt either 6SL7 or 6SN7 in either position — interchangeable for those who love tube-rolling. And you can still use two 6SN7 if you got some quiet bad-boys.

·         A better rerouted, spaced, cooling PCB layout with revised grounding scheme.

.         A quieter amplifier with better signal-to-noise measurements and a lowered noise floor.

.         Rationalized parts and transformers

Model: 2A3GT-FFX (MK2)

Power: 10W+10W (12W Max) Class A Operation

The 2A3GT-FFX (MKII) will be engineered using the finest components in the world, including the usual FFX treatments plus :

·         Top-grade HASHIMOTO chokes and power transformers , or potted Hammonds (Made in Canada)

·         HASHIMOTO (Sansui) Output transformers

·         Mundorf M-Tube Cap (Power Supply)

. Silver Oil Coupling Caps

·         Furutech AC Inlets

. Cardas binding posts (For North America) or CMC/Furutech insulated Speaker Binding Posts (For Asia / Euro)

·         Standard Triode Lab Orange Finish, or your favourite car paint (Above shown using Porsche Rubin Red Metallic - $1200 Extra)

.         MSRP starting from $13,888 USD

.         Optional Pure Copper Chassis $2,000, hand polished to a medium gloss state. (See below)

- Optional Class AB Operation at 14-15 Watts depending the brand/model of the output transformer


Model: 2A3GT-FFX 15W+15W MK1


Complete with full suit of Hashimoto or Tamura  Output Transformerspowered by Triode Lab's 2A3-FFX M6 Power Transformer (For the extended power operation, Designed and engineered by Triode Lab, Made in Canada). Equivalent grade transformers only can be used requested by customers. Wood/granite sides Optional

Finish: 911 GT3 Orange (or your free choice of another colour)

Accessories - Furutech Carbon Fiber Speaker Binding Post or Cardas Binding Posts, Furutech Rhodium RCAs or Cardas Rhodium RCAs, Furutech AC Inlet Gold with Furutech Fuse, Mundorf Silver Oil Coupling Caps or EVO Silver/Gold/Oil Caps. Mundorf M-Lytic high-quality power supply capacitors and other high end parts...etc.

Special Features:

- FFX Limited Edition Power Amp/Developed complete with full suit of exotic Hashimoto transformers or equivalent high-end irons

- FFX Silent Ground Technology - Through optimal grounding network design and parts layout, along with best power supplies materials for the best hum and noise control and best S/N ratio.

- FFX V-max  Tunings - All FFX models are unleashed by us with all its special advantages such as its exotic grade parts and settings, which allow us to remapped the entire circuitry for its maximum "valves" output power and quality, both numbers and aural.  

- Tubes used : 6SN7 x 2 / 2A3 Pair / 5AR4 or GZ32 per block


Starting: $10,888 


     Power: 14W+14W     Operation: Class A/B    MSRP: $6,888 USD - $8,888 USD

Model: 2A3GT-CC Classic Compacts - (DISCONTINUED)

    Power: Class A 10W

Special Features:

  • Triode Lab's unique Double Push Pull Driver Design

  • Autobias

  • Triode Lab's unique "Uni-Fy Rectify Stage"

  • Compact and Classic styled

  • Our answer of 30 years of excellence/experience in Triode!

  • Tubes used : 6SN7 x 2 / 2A3 Pair / 5AR4 or GZ32 per block

MSRP: $5,888 Starting


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