Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers

A Canada based manufacture in hifi tube amplifiers


2020 -

We are half way coming up with at least two 211 models. They will uses Hashimoto transformers exclusively.

Like the rest of our line up , its the best or nothing and its in its own class.


Our prestige 211 Power Amplifier, which shares the chassis with our 2A3 Integrated.

Finish: Default - Mercedes Benz 040, the famous German Black, or your desire of color.

Transformers set - Canadian/American Made


211 RS


Our flagship stereo power amp, complete with custom exotic Hashimoto (Sansui) power transformer and Hashimoto output transformers, hand crafted for us from Japan. This is our answer to all the rest of the high end 211 amplifiers around the globe! Special attention is paid to the power supply, which delivered by Hashimoto with the most pure , quiet and seamless supply of power, with our unique dual input choke transformers arrangement and multiple design of over sized high quality power supply capacitors to ensure the best quality and efficiency of supply to the 211s.

  • RS Driver Design, Base on one pair of finest preamp tubes - 12AX7 / ECC83

  • The 12AX7s is supplied and regulated by a 6CA4/EZ81 for superior purity and stable / quiet supply

  • Each 211 comes with its own dedicated supply and DC feeding stage circuitry for best separation, stability and working consistency, as well cooling capability, finished with gold plated locking type ceramic 211 tube sockets

  • Dual high end Hashimoto (CUT CORE Orient HIGH B Materials) choke transformers for multiply step down, and provide a quiet yet full power deliveries

  • Quad high quality Mundorf M-Lytics E-Caps for handling the power distributions + a single one just to feed the tubes operation

  • Standard premium parts including QQQ Japan Tube Sockets for the 12AX7s and 6CA4, Cardas Rhodium RCA, Cardas Gold Binding Post, Furutech Rhodium IEC, Mundorf Silver in Oil Couping Caps for the 211, Mundorf EVO Silver Gold Oil Caps for the input stage, Soundcoat applied to the bottom plate...etc.

  • What distinguish this from the rest, is the full copper chassis, brushed with a semi gloss finish, for an extraordinary elegant finish. Not just for looks, but copper is a good conductive material - we measured it is quieter when compared to aluminum chassis, thus some say copper chassis does improve sound quality. All we know is this extra thick gauge copper sheet that use to construct the chassis comes with an extraordinary price to fabricate too. Standard thickness for making our heavy duty chassis is .80 decimal inches only, and the bigger chassis uses .90". The thick top aluminum plate used for the 2A3 Mono-Blocks are 1 decimal inches which is strong enough we can put 3 large transformers on it without any flex. And same for the copper chassis, but high quality copper sheets are much more expensive.

  • For power, we will bias the 211 to the lower power side at around 12 WPC Pure Class A. Instead of pumping it to over 20W like some manufacture would do. We want the most silky, the most refine type of 211 sound quality that beyond people have heard with 211s.


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